About Our Company

About Us

Pawshots Pet Photography is a local Canberra business founded by Adnan Mueller and Brooke Armour. With Adnan's talent and passion for photography and Brooke's affinity for animals, this team works together to produce some stunning pet photography.
Whilst specialising in professional studio style shots, they have also produced some stunning outdoor shots and are always happy to work with clients to ensure that personal preferences and circumstances are always considered. Adnan and Brooke work hard to individualise each photo shoot, so if you decide that you want a 'family' portrait with your furry friend or a themed shoot just let them know at the time of booking your appointment.

“We are extremely proud of the portfolio of works that we have developed over the past 9 months since establishing Pawshots Pet Photography”. Adnan Mueller

Our Services


We take stunning photos of your pets

Proofing Site
Proofing Site

We will send you a link to view the images and you will be able to select what prints you would like

Photo Editing
Photo Editing

We Edit the images to make sure they look as good as possible for our printing service


We have our own printing service to get the images out of the computer and onto your wall with the best quality

Why Choose Us

We got into pet photography because we love pets and we love photography. We enjoy meeting pets and capturing stunning shots of them and their family: images that will be treasured for years to come.
In setting up our packages we have considered your pet at every step.

  • We come to you so that your pet is comfortable and in familiar surroundings.
  • At the beginning of each shoot we take the time to have a 5 minute meet and greet session with you and your pet; this gives us a chance to get to know your pet and, more importantly, allows them to sniff us and get used to us. It also gives us time to chat with you about what you hope to get from the shoot.
  • We allow an hour and a half to complete each shoot (except the Mini Shoot) to ensure that we can work at a pace your pet is comfortable with; some shoots will be over more quickly than this and some shoots require a slower, more patient approach.
  • With each shoot, whether studio or outdoor, we not only allow but encourage family members to be part of the photos. We respect that these moments and memories can be private and always check before using any images including people on any advertising materials including social media.
  • After the shoot we guarantee that you will receive a digital copy of your images within two weeks; though typically a little faster. This digital copy will be provided through a hidden link on our website - meaning they can only be viewed by yourself (and anyone you wish to share the link with). From here you can select your preferred package shots, and any additional prints you’d like. You’ll receive these prints, along with a digital copy, within one week of ordering.

Most importantly though, we respect (and spoil!) your pet. As pet owners ourselves we understand that everyone has their limits and we will never push a pet that is uncomfortable or has had enough of posing.

Meet the Team

the talent working for pawshots photography