Bear’s Tattoo

November 4, 2014 Uncategorised 0 Comments

Last night we got a message from a recent client who wanted to show us a tattoo that she had just had done of one of our photos. I was so touched that I got tears in my eyes; for one of our photos to capture Bear so perfectly that she chose to turn it into a tattoo is incredibly heart-warming.
One of the reason that we got into pet photography was because our dogs mean the world to us and we know that so many other people feel the same way about their pets. We love meeting each dog or cat that we shoot, getting to know them and being able to see their personality come through in the images we capture. We don’t just want to provide pet owners with snap shots of their pets with a pretty background, we want to provide them with photographs that they can look at and treasure for many years to come. Whether they bring a smile of fond memories or a tear of love lost we want our photos to be special.
When we were shooting Bear his owner opened up to us about what a truly special old man he was to her and what a huge part he played in her childhood memories. This shoot was really special to her as a way to honour their past and to have these special memories to treasure when his time comes. I think it is because this shoot meant to much to her that I am so touched at receiving news of her tattoo.