Bek and her Buddy

March 18, 2015 Uncategorised 0 Comments

Over the weekend we had such an amazing photo shoot with Bek and her dog Buddy. This shoot highlighted something that I have always been a believer in; pets are great therapy!

Dogs have the amazing ability to not only read our mood but also interact with us accordingly. I have read many studies into ‘animal assisted therapy’ but I don’t need any convincing; I can see it with my own pets. If I have had a rough day Griffin is always quiet and cuddly or if I’m feeling happy and upbeat he’s all about playing and having fun with me.

We all know about companion pets; seeing eye dogs, alert dogs and trauma therapy pets, however, the idea of animals as therapy is constantly expanding. Hospitals have recently started having trained dogs come in and visit patients and found that it greatly increases their positivity, mood and sociability. Additionally there have been a number of studies into pets in a school environment. With a younger age group pets are said to boost self-esteem and sociability as well as provide emotional support. With an older age group they provide great stress relief and an emotional break from stress and the pressures of study.

The bond that Bek and Buddy have was obvious as soon as we met them, and it is truly something special. Bek has been through a lot in her life but, as a strong and positive young woman, she has maintained a great attitude and has the most contagious laugh! Whilst she should take most of the credit for where she is today, Buddy has really helped her through her journey.

To make the shoot even more special, Bek told me the story of her gorgeous horse Honeybun; hand-raised by Bek since being orphaned as a foal. Photographing these three together was really special to Adnan and I and is a Pawshots experience we will never forget. Even if I had ever been a doubter of animal assisted therapy then the beautiful relationship we saw between Bek and her two pets would definitely have converted me.

What do you all think, do you believe that pets are great therapy?