Curious Ahli

November 16, 2015 Uncategorised 0 Comments

We had a photoshoot today with one very curious little Jug named Ahli. This photoshoot was purchased as a birthday gift for Ahli’s Mum – what a great idea!

When we first started shooting with Ahli she was on her best behaviour. As long as I had a treat in my hand she was more than happy to pose as we needed as she eagerly worked for her treat. As the shoot progressed she became braver and a little more curious about the camera. For most owners, this is the time to start stressing and apologising that they wont sit still but it’s also the time we tell them not to worry and just let the pet explore and do what it wants. Asking them to sit still and pose for so long can be a big ask and no treat is worth that much effort! Alhi’s parents were relaxed and happy to let her do her own thing and the shots we got of little Ahli just go to show how much personality can come through in our photos.

Having her sniff the camera and show interest in what our photographer was doing allowed her curious personality to really shine in these abstract images. We love being able to capture all the standard shots that showcase just how beautiful each pet is, but the unplanned ones can often turn out the best. Our photographer was able to play around with angle and perspectives to capture something interesting and unique. We can’t wait to share the rest of these shots with Ahli’s family!