Floriade – Pawparazzi

October 7, 2014 Pawparazzi 0 Comments

Today Adnan and I headed along to Floriade’s ‘Dog’s Day Out’ event – the first time in 15 years that four-legged visitors have been able to attend Canberra’s annual flower show.

After coming up with the ‘Pawparazzi’ idea last month we had been waiting for the perfect event to get started; this was it! We spent all of last night getting our gear ready to go and attaching little dog treats to business cards to hand out; we thought this would be a great touch!

All the way there we were so nervous. Something that had seemed like such a good idea was beginning to feel very overwhelming. Adnan and I are both quite shy, and let’s face it – introverted! Having the courage to walk up to people, introduce ourselves and our business and ask people for permission to take photos of their dog was something we hadn’t prepared for.

Once we got there and started walking around, we realised very quickly that we were much better at it than we thought. As a dog lover it has always been in my nature to comment on cute dogs and ask to say hello. Once I had opened that door, I found it really easy to flow into a conversation about Pawshots and what we do.

We met so many lovely people and dogs today that by the end of it we felt silly that we had been so nervous. Just as we thought would be the case, the people we met were lovely and very open to hearing about our business! Having just loaded all the photos onto the computer I am also confident that our photography skills speak for themselves.

Having met and engaged with so many amazing people today, we have also decided that as part of our ‘Pawparazzi’ campaign we will select a V.I.P (Very Important Pet) from each event. This VIP will receive a 20% off voucher for a photo shoot with Pawshots. This idea caps off what we think will be a very successful and fun campaign.

I’m off to email all of the amazing pet owners we met today with a short thank-you note and our favourite photo pic of their pet. Can’t wait to see what everyone thinks! Stay tuned for more stories and tips from the Pawshots team.