Hear No Evil

April 21, 2015 Uncategorised 0 Comments

We were surprised and delighted to receive a call on Sunday from Sonja at Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue. Sonja introduced Hear No Evil  as a hardworking, small organisation, and explained the difficulties she and the company were having – as a charity, the funding for a professional pet photographer simply isn’t there. So, with a very special canine friend travelling through Canberra in his search for a forever home, Sonja reached out to us for a little help.

Adnan and I have been committed to ‘giving back’ to the doggie-community, and have been trying to find the right rescue group to donate our services to free of charge. This was perfect timing, and we were very keen to meet these guys and see what they were all about.

We agreed to meet up with the group’s Canberra rep, Michelle, and Griffin, the beautiful Great Dane, for a photoshoot later that day.  Boy are we glad we did! Griffin was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met – a real ‘gentle giant’. He’s been through a lot in his short life but he still wants to be loved and cuddled whenever the opportunity arises. Despite being a fully grown Great Dane, he seemed convinced that he was just a lap dog! I sincerely hope he finds the loving home he deserves.

Hear No Evil is a fantastic organisation! Adnan and I learned a lot about the causes of deafness in animals, and the many different ways the condition can be managed. We saw how passionate Michelle is about caring for these pets until a suitable ‘forever home’ can be found for them.

We also got to meet little Periwinkle, who is being showcased as an ambassador dog for the Deaf Dog Rescue team; he’s going to prove that deaf dogs can be trained and that they are well-deserving of our love, time and affection! We couldn’t resist including him in the photoshoot too!

Adnan and I are so pleased to say that we have found a charity group that we believe in, and that we will be proud to donate our services to in the future. It’s amazing to know that we’ll be playing a small part in helping to re-home some truly special pets!