Little Cuba and a whole lot of courage

May 23, 2015 Uncategorised 0 Comments

We were contacted not too long ago by Labrador Rescue asking if Pawshots would be available to contribute to their 2016 fundraising calendar. We were eager to help in any way we could and we were soon sent to meet Cuba for some beauty shots.

The first thing we noticed was how adorable he was. Who doesn’t love a lab puppy really? He was so eager to come and meet us, we could see it in his eyes, but that’s when we noticed that little Cuba was a very special young man.

During his puppyhood, Cuba had an unfortunate accident where his spine was damaged and he lost movement in his back legs. After surgery, much time in recovery and the amazing dedication of the Labrador Rescue team Cuba is beginning to regain mobility and is learning to walk again. Cuba’s story highlights just how much love and commitment the team at Lab Rescue puts into saving and rehabilitating Labradors in need.

This determined little pup was a ball of absolute cuteness. He is an absolute sweetheart, super affectionate and just wanted to be with us and follow us everywhere. We had such a great time photographing him and the shots that we got are stunning! We can’t wait to see his beautiful photo in the Labrador Rescue calendar later this year and we hope it raises some funds.