Pawshots Canberra Pet Photography

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Hi all, my name is Brooke and I am an animal lover! Four and a half years ago I met Adnan; a fellow animal lover and exceptionally talented photographer. This is the story of how Pawshots Photography was born; I only hope that in a few months’ time the name ‘Pawshots Canberra Pet Photography’ is a developing and growing start up business. Only time will tell!

For Adnan’s first birthday present as his girlfriend, I bought him a puppy. Normal right? Adnan had always wanted a dog, a lifelong friend to keep him company on all those long walks and bike rides and, of course, a playmate to play fetch with.

Ripley, the very handsome black and white Border Collie, was the last left in his litter because he has Heterochromia which many people believe causes blindness. Having decided Border Collie’s were a preferred and suitable breed, we went along to meet him at Tehya Border Collies. And of course, the tiny little puppy fell asleep in Adnan’s arms within minutes and he absolutely had to have this little guy with one blue eye!

Now we had a problem; Adnan had a dog and I didn’t! When my Mum bought a German Shepherd puppy a few years ago, we became very good friends with the breeder, Peta from Hillmagic Kennels, and I begged Mum to take me there for my birthday lunch. She agreed on one condition; I wasn’t coming home with a puppy (famous last words if you ask me!).

Sure enough, when we got there we learnt that my favourite Hillmagic girl was pregnant. I couldn’t leave without committing to what was obviously going to be the cutest puppy in the world. After not very much convincing, Adnan bought me Griffin, the gorgeous long haired German Shepherd that followed me around and fell asleep under my chair, as our second anniversary present.

When you are a photographer and love your dogs as much as we do, they will inevitably be two of the most photographed dogs in the world! We had received a lot of compliments on photos we had taken of our dogs and people had suggested we should get into pet photography. And so, the seed of an idea was planted.

With my Aunt Anita’s birthday fast approaching and no idea of what we should get her, we asked if she would like us to take some photos of her two babies – Dakota and Harlen the Bull Arab x Mastiffs.

The shoot was a great success and we had an absolute ball doing it! The two dogs were so much fun to work with and we realised that we didn’t just love photographing our own dogs, that we loved pet photography in general. Capturing some adorable moments and stolen kisses with these two was so rewarding that we decided to share our idea of getting into pet photography with my Aunt.

We shared our doubts; would people be as interested in capturing images of their family pets as we were? How would we get started? But we also shared how much fun we would have and how much we would love doing it for everyone, not just family and friends. Anita was very encouraging and we left her house promising that we would think about starting up a business.

And oh how the week snowballed from there!

The following Monday my Aunt called and said that people at her work were so impressed with the photos we had taken of Harlen and Dakota that they had started asking how much we would charge to do their pets! This was so unexpected that we were up until 2am the next morning; half from excitement and half trying to decide what to do! Could we charge people to take photos when we have such little experience and no name for ourselves? What if we messed up and they didn’t like the photos? Could we start out with a cheaper package to gauge people’s expectations, to get a feel for what it would be like and to start building our business’ name? And then, if we have a business what do we call it?

Very quickly Pawshots Pet Photography was born, we had implemented a ‘start-up’ package and we had our first client booked in!

We are off to meet Donnie & Jessie, our first ever clients, tomorrow morning. We are so nervous and so excited. This could be the start of something really great and we just hope that it goes smoothly!