The rescue with a heart of gold

March 7, 2016 Uncategorised 0 Comments

Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue gives hope to animals that may seem, to many others, hopeless. The animals that they rescue are deaf and many are also visually impaired. They are also some of the sweetest and most affectionate animals you may ever meet. In addition to their already rough start in life, many of the animals that HNE take into care have come from less than ideal circumstances where their lack of abilities is often mistaken as disobedience. Unfortunately many of these pets come to HNE with physical and emotional wounds that require time and money to heal. Before any animal is listed as being available for adoption the HNE team puts a great deal of time and resources into ensuring that they get to know each and every animal in their care. They help them through the process of healing all wounds and help them gain confidence and trust towards humans and other pets.

Like any pet, each of their charges has a unique personality and set of requirements and HNE aims for a 100% adoption success rate. By communicating with each potential adoptive family about their circumstances, what they can offer and what their limitations are they are able to match the perfect rescue pet with the perfect family.

It’s no secret that owning a deaf and potentially visually impaired pet is very different from having one of good hearing. Anyone that adopts a pet from HNE understands the commitment that they are undertaking and the many things that will be different in caring for this pet. Having said that, HNE and all of its foster parents put a great deal of time and love into ensuring that all pets advertised for adoption have learnt general manners and are familiar with sign or touch based training methods and commands. This dedication in the fostering stage really ensures that the transfer to their adoptive family is as seamless and stress free for each pet as possible.

We are extremely passionate about supporting HNE in their efforts to rescue and rehome as many of these pets as they can. We strongly urge anyone that has space in their family to consider contacting the HNE team to discuss foster and adoption options. All pets in their charge deserve a loving home, a welcoming family and the opportunity to show you that they love you just as much, if not more, than any pet you have had in the past. If you are unable to commit yourself to adopting one of their pets don’t worry, you can still support this very worthy cause in a number of ways; you can make a donation towards the care required to get these pets ‘adoption ready’ or you can spread the word about HNE and what they do. The more people that know about them, the better their chances are of finding and rehoming as many of these pets as possible.

A perfect example of an animal that we have seen come through HNE is little Tammy. She was rescued by HNE from a regional NSW pound that contacted HNE after recognising the kind of care and attention Tammy would need. When she reached HNE she had injuries to her entire right side, with significant damage to her shoulder and the joints in both right legs. She was very thin and, whilst a very affectionate girl, was also wary of the world around her. She was of course deaf, and she also had a significant visual impairment. HNE hit the ground running as soon as she arrived with vet appointments and lots of food and love. Her physical injuries were seen to quickly and she returned to full health following appropriate care and a very speedy recovery. Having spent a few months with her foster family (with young kids and other dogs) Tammy has really come into her own. She is a happy, bouncy, confident young lady with love and affection to give by the bucket load. She has been through puppy classes, is receiving ongoing basic training via touch commands and is now finally ready to find her forever home. If you or anyone you know has room in your home for Tammy, please contact the HNE team on Facebook to start a conversation!